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Isaac Newton Medal and Prize

The Isaac Newton Medal and Prize is for world-leading contributions to physics by an individual of any nationality.


The inscription on the medal reads: Sir Isaac Newton 1642 to 1727

About Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton was an iconic English physicist and mathematician most famous for having discovered the universal law of gravitation. He also:

•    founded the field of classical mechanics
•    developed infinitesimal calculus
•    made groundbreaking contributions to optics

As well as £1,000 and a certificate, this prize includes an invitation to lecture at the Institute. 

Find out more about the work of previous winners


  • Nominees should have made world-leading contributions to physics and can be from any nationality. 
  • Nominees, nominators and referees do not need to be members of the IOP. 
  • Nominees, nominators and referees cannot be current members of Council, IOP employees, people under contract to the IOP, the Awards Committee, or members of any other IOP Awards judging panel.

Nominations process

Nominations for the 2023 IOP Awards are now closed. 

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions about the awards or your submission. Further information will be provided on the 2024 IOP Awards in due course.

  • The Isaac Newton Medal and Prize is open for both nomination and self-nomination. All nominations will be judged in the same way regardless of the method of nomination.  
  • If you are nominating someone else, you should inform the nominee as you will need to provide their contact details and they will be contacted following submission to complete an optional EDI monitoring form.

Nominators must submit:

  • Details of the nominee
  • Short citation (up to 30 words) 
  • Long citation (up to 400 words) 
  • A short biographical statement (up to 1,000 words) 
  • Supporting evidence (up to 400 words) 
  • Contact details for at least two international referees and their supporting statements (up to 300 words each)


  • Nominators will be required to seek the support of at least two international referees outside of the nominees’ institution department, the third referee is optional. Referees will be well regarded in the appropriate field, familiar with the work in the citations and be able to comment on the significance of the contribution.  
  • Referees should provide a supporting statement of no more than 300 words to confirm the accuracy of and add detail to the citations provided. Nominators should share their short and long citations with their referees to support this.  
  • All supporting statements must be submitted with the overall nomination by the deadline date and referees will be contacted following submission for confirmation.