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IOP Technician Award winners 2020

With the aim of raising the professional status of technicians, the IOP Technician Award highlights the diverse role of technicians in education, research and industry.

Now in its second year, the award recognises and celebrates the skills and experience of four exceptional technicians.

Anthony Clarkson – University of Glasgow

For his pioneering contribution towards the industrial deployment of cosmic-ray muography technology and his outstanding, ongoing contributions to high-energy, fundamental nuclear physics experiments across the globe.

Find out more about Anthony

Cryogenics and Clean Room Technical Team – The University of St Andrews

For their outstanding service and the delivery of significant improvements to the helium recovery, storage and liquification system ensuring the long-term sustainability of low temperature condensed-matter research.

Find out more about the Cryogenics and Clean Room Technical Team

Andrea Dawson – Newcastle University

For her outstanding contribution to physics at Newcastle transforming it from a building site to its flourishing physics programme with state-of-the-art physics teaching laboratories.

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Warda Heetun – National Physical Laboratory

For her outstanding contributions to measurement science and establishing the world's first standard for quantitative nuclear medicine imaging.

Find out more about Warda

Dr Siobhan Liddle – Stewart's Melville College

For exceptional passion for physics and for promoting physics to the school and wider community.

Find out more about Siobhan