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IOP Awards - past, present and future

Our awards have long celebrated exceptional achievements in physics. We want to continue to develop the awards to ensure they involve the whole physics community.

We would normally have celebrated our award winners with a gala dinner. In the exceptional circumstances of 2020, we have had to first postpone and now, regretfully, cancel the dinner. This should not detract from the enormous pride we have in our winners and their extraordinary achievements.

This year also saw the Black Lives Matter protests take centre stage, challenging us all to reflect on what we can do to make sure people from all backgrounds are able to participate fully in all aspects of life.

The IOP has a central role to play in achieving this within the physics community, and our awards are an important way for the community to show what and who it values.

With this in mind, we will examine the way people are nominated and selected for our awards, to ensure everyone has a fair chance of being recognised for their achievements.

We welcome the views of our members and non-members on how we can best achieve this. Please send comments and reflections to [email protected].