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Harrie Massey Medal and Prize recipients

Recipients of the Harrie Massey Medal and Prize from the IOP and the Australian Institute of Physics.


Emeritus Professor Jim S Williams
Australian National University
For pioneering and sustained contributions to condensed matter physics, materials physics and ion beam physics, as well as leadership to physics.


Professor Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop
The University of Queensland
For her pioneering work in laser micromanipulation, atom and quantum optics, ultracold atomic gases, nano-optics and biophotonics. Her seminal research in the mechanical action of light in biological and micron-scale systems has paved the way for optically driven micromachines and led to applications in a diverse range of fields. Her distinguished achievements in laser cooling and trapping of atoms include milestones such as the experimental demonstration of dynamical tunnelling and the observation of novel coherent structures in condensed gases.


Professor Michael Benjamin Johnston
University of Oxford
For his significant and distinctive contributions to the important region of science where fundamental semiconductor physics, together with materials design, growth and spectroscopic analysis, have led to notable advances in the fields of optoelectronics, photonics and high-frequency electronics.


Professor Raymond Volkas
University of Melbourne
For his seminal contributions over approximately 30 years to many areas of “physics beyond the standard model”, the field that seeks to uncover new particles and forces, in particular his work on sterile neutrinos, mirror and asymmetric dark matter and the origin of neutrino mass.


Professor Yuri Shivkar
Australian National University
For his work on nonlinear optics, metamaterials and metadevices.


Dr Anthony B Murphy
For his outstanding research in the field of thermal plasmas, in particular his work on computational modelling and measurement techniques, and their application to the development of industrial processes.


Professor Hans Bachor
Australian National University
For his pre-eminent work in the field of quantum optics, in particular his research on the squeezing of light and quantum noise suppression, and for his commitment to the development of the teaching and public understanding of physics.


Professor David Cockayne
University of Oxford
For his contributions to the development and application of high-precision transmission electron microscopy.


Professor Bruce McKellar
University of Melbourne
For his contributions to the Standard Model of particle physics.


Peter Drummond
The University of Queensland
For his outstanding contributions to the physics of Bose-Einstein condensates.


Robert Delbourgo


Anthony William Thomas


Donald Blair Melrose


David Thomas Pegg


Allan Snyder


Amyand David Buckingham


Rodney James Baxter


Basil H Briggs


Richard Henry Dalitz