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Honorary Fellows: Professor Sir John Enderby

Sir John Enderby graduated with first class honours in from Birkbeck College, London. His early work - which led to his PhD, was concerned with the electrical properties of liquid metals.

At age 37 he was appointed to the Chair and Headship of the Physics Department at the University of Leicester. By this time his interests had broadened to include liquid alloys, molten salts, aqueous solutions and glasses. He developed a technique based on neutron diffraction and isotopic substitution which is now widely used to disentangle the structure of complex fluids and glasses.  In 1976 he was appointed to the Chair at Bristol and remained there until he retired.

Sir John was seconded to ILL Grenoble as British Director between 1985 and 1988, where, among other activities, he assisted in the planning of the ESRF.

He has also served science with distinction through work with many scientific organisations including the Royal Society; the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council as a founder member; and, in particular, the Institute of Physics where he has served as President and Institute of Physics Publishing where he is currently Chief Scientist.