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Honorary Fellows: Professor Sir Eric Ash

Sir Eric Ash is a distinguished British electrical engineer and past Rector of Imperial College. Born in Berlin, Ash emigrated with his family to Britain in 1938 to escape Nazism.

He received his education in Electrical Engineering at Imperial College, where his research work has covered problems in physical electronics, ultrasonic signal processing and imaging. Ash has been a pioneer in the field of acoustic surface waves for signal processing where he was the first person to receive a research grant in this subject.

As well as his scientific research he also served as Rector of Imperial College from 1985 to 1993, where he initiated the merger with medical schools. As treasurer and vice-president of the Royal Society, he has been involved with work on energy policy, particularly nuclear energy and the use of economic instruments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. He is currently involved with a project to derive energy from ocean waves.