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Honorary Fellows: Professor Peter I P Kalmus

Peter Kalmus is a distinguished particle physicist. In 1977 his group at Queen Mary College London (now Queen Mary, University of London) became part of a collaboration to design and build a large detector for the CERN proton-antiproton collider, which in 1983 played a key role in the discovery of the W and Z particles.

These were the mediators required for the experimental verification of electroweak unification. Peter received the Institute’s Rutherford Medal for his role in this discovery.  He is the author of more than 200 papers.

As well as his distinguished research, Peter has enjoyed teaching students at all levels. Physics outreach has become his major activity since his notional retirement. In recent years he has given 200 talks on particle physics to about 30,000 school pupils and others in the UK, Ireland, South Africa and India. He received the Kelvin Medal for these activities.

He has also been particularly active within the Institute, as a member of Council, Vice-President, and chair of the High Energy Physics Group, Education and Public Affairs Board, and London and South East Branch