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Honorary Fellows: Professor C N R Rao

Professor C N R Rao is the National Research Professor and Linus Pauling Research Professor as well as Honorary President of Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore, India.

Rao is known for his wide-ranging contributions to solid state chemistry and to chemical spectroscopy, as related to molecular structure. He has contributed also to studies of synthesis, properties of transition metal oxides and of phase transitions.

Rao built up an excellent research school at IIT, Kanpur and has been a strong and invigorating influence on physical chemistry and chemical physics in India, in the development of solid state technology and in developments in chemical education in that country.

Professor Rao has the unique honour of being a Fellow/Member of all the major academies of the world including The Royal Society London, National Academy of Sciences, USA, Russian Academy of Sciences, Pontifical Academy of Sciences, French Academy of Sciences and Japan Academy.

In 2007 Professor Rao was elected to Honorary Fellowship of the Institute of Physics for his wide-ranging contributions to chemical physics.