Honorary fellowship

The Institute of Physics seeks help in identifying exceptional individuals for the award of its highest honour, Honorary Fellow. An Honorary Fellow may have contributed to physics generally or the work of the Institute in a number of ways and if successful will act as an ambassador for the Institute of Physics.

  • Research achievement of Nobel level
    An Honorary Fellow may have led a distinguished research career (including the application of physics or physics-based technologies) in an academe or industry, possibly to Nobel Prize level. It may also reward leadership of an international facility, for example CERN, or contributions in service of the country through senior advisory committees. The contribution should be distinguishable from those who win our most prestigious awards, indeed Honorary Fellowship may be awarded to previous winners of the Institute’s Awards to reward contributions made after they received a medal.
  • Business leaders
    Honorary Fellowship may be conferred upon individuals whose research or leadership of a company has been of significant benefit.
  • Contributions to the welfare of physics through government/political service
    An Honorary Fellow may have contributed to the welfare of physics through government/ political service, for example a science minister/politician whose work is judged to have been particularly beneficial to the science/physics community; a working peer; an advisor to government, for example the Chief Scientific Advisor; or an external advisor to government or government agencies whose work/reports have been particularly influential/beneficial to physics.
  • Philanthropy
    Honorary Fellowship may be conferred upon individuals who have done good works or who have committed significant amounts of personal wealth for the benefit of physics.
  • Service to the Institute of Physics
    Honorary Fellowship may also acknowledge those who have made exceptional contributions to the Institute, including its publishing activities, or someone whose relationship with the Institute has been of tremendous benefit.

Submitting a nomination

Nominations for Honorary Fellowship will open again in April 2019

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