2011 Kelvin Medal and Prize

Professor Jim Al-Khalili

University of Surrey

For his outstanding work in communicating physics to public audiences face- to- face at numerous public events and through his work as a writer and broadcaster.

Since 1999 when Jim’s first book ‘Black Holes, Wormholes and Time Machines’ was published he has done an immense amount to enhance the public’s engagement with physics in the UK and overseas. Not only is he a talented physicist with a prolific research output but also a natural and highly gifted communicator, equally at ease with the spoken or written word.

Jim has penned three bestselling popular science books about physics and a fourth on Arabic science which, between them, have been translated into thirteen different languages. In addition to this output he has also had over sixty articles appear in the popular press, magazines and newspapers.

Jim’s TV career has been equally prolific, having fronted a range of documentaries on various aspects of physics and seven television series, one of which was nominated for a BAFTA and two of which are due to be aired this year.

Jim has also played an invaluable role as a ‘citizen physicist’ - taking part in a wide range of popular cultural transmissions such as ‘Desert Island Discs’ and is a regular contributor on BBC Radio Four’s ‘In Our Time’. He is a lively advocate of social media. He blogs regularly on his website, has multiple podcasts freely available to download and operates a highly active Twitter account. He is an advisor for the Cheltenham and British Science Festivals.

His commitment to public engagement with physics is evident in everything he does. He is an inspirational role model, thoroughly committed to engaging with a diverse contemporary society and enthusing the next generation of physicists.

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