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Katharine Burr Blodgett Medal and Prize recipients

For application of physics in an industrial or commercial context.


Professor Kenneth TV Grattan and Professor Tong Sun

For developing unique, patented, field-evaluated and now implemented photonics-based solutions for real-time monitoring of, for example, the pantograph-overhead line interface in electrified trains.

Read more about Professor Kenneth TV Grattan and Professor Tong Sun


Dr Andrew James Shields
Toshiba Europe Ltd

For pioneering industrial R&D over two decades on quantum communication devices and systems, leading to their commercial exploitation in the UK.


Brian Corbett
Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork

For serial identification and creation of breakthrough innovative photonic device technology solutions that have driven the development and growth of several startups, and major innovations by multinational corporations.


Dr Drew Nelson
IQE plc

For pioneering efforts in commercialising compound semiconductor materials, and promoting the UK as the global leader in this field.


Professor Chris Hancock
Creo Medical Ltd
For designing and patenting an electro-surgery platform enabling microwave and bi-polar radio frequency to be delivered to a range of miniature endoscopic devices to treat lesions in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.


Dr Michael Begg and Dr James Ramage
Tesla Engineering Ltd
For the transformation of Tesla Engineering Ltd from a manufacturer of conventional magnets for particle accelerators into a world leader of magnets for high-energy physics, MRI and oncology equipment.


Professor Cliff Jones
University of Leeds
For inventions in the area of liquid crystal displays, and his role in the founding and commercial success of Displaydata – a leading supplier of graphic electronic labels for the retail sector.


Dr Graeme Malcolm
M Squared Lasers
For his role in founding M Squared Lasers, and his contribution to the design and manufacture of transformative award-winning photonics products.


Professor Iain Baikie
KP Technology Ltd
For his contributions to the development of Kelvin Probe (KP) method instrumentation through his company, KP Technology.


Professor Michael Payne
University of Cambridge
For the development of computational techniques that have revolutionised materials design and facilitated the industrial application of quantum mechanical simulations.


Dr Stuart S P Parkin
IBM Research – Almaden
For his discoveries of the underlying physics and of novel device architectures that have established the field spintronics.


Sir David McMurtry and John Deer
Renishaw plc
For their role in founding Renishaw plc and leading it to become one of the world’s principal manufacturers of metrology equipment


Dr Graham John Batey
Oxford Instruments NanoScience
For sustained outstanding contribution to the application of low temperature physics in an industrial high technology environment.


Professor Sir Michael Pepper
University College London
For translating advances in semiconductor physics into the commercial arena, including key roles in founding Toshiba Research Europe, Cambridge Laboratory, and TeraView Ltd.


Professor Sir Richard Friend and Dr David Fyfe
Cambridge University / Cambridge Display Technology
For guiding the company Cambridge Display Technology (CDT) to a pre-eminent position in the development of light-emitting polymers and in the development of the technology for flat-panel displays and lighting.


Dr Donal Denvir
Andor Technology PLC
For his role in founding Andor Technology, which manufactures high-performance digital cameras, and for leading an R&D programme that has kept the company at the forefront of innovation.