Clifford Paterson Medal and Prize

Council, recognising the importance of the application of physics in industry, introduced in 1981 an award to be named after Clifford Paterson.

The physicist behind the medal
Clifford Paterson was an English scientist and electrical engineer. The first part of his career from 1901–18 was at the National Physical Laboratory as principal assistant. In 1919 he joined the General Electric Company to found, organise and, for nearly 30 years, direct the company's research laboratories. In 1941 Paterson was made a director of the General Electric Company and five years later he received his knighthood. He was also deeply involved in creating a national framework for science and engineering. Paterson served as a president of Institute of Physics from 1937–39.

The award will be made for exceptional early career contributions to the application of physics in an industrial or commercial context. The medal will be bronze and will be accompanied by a prize of £1000 and a certificate.

The IOP is grateful and wishes to acknowledge the kind donation from The John Benjamin Trust Fund. The donation is given to support the purchase of the Clifford Paterson medal.



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