The Moseley medal and prize

In 2008 Council decided to establish the Moseley medal and prize.

Moseley Award Medal

This has been known previously as the Boys medal and prize.

Originally Sir Charles Vernon Boys (President of The Physical Society 1916-18) bequeathed £1000 to the Society in 1944 "to be used to found a Boys Prize or a Boys Lecture or to be used in other manner at the discretion of the Council of the Society to further interest in experimental physics". In 1992 the Council of the Institute decided that this award should be changed to a medal and prize. In 1994 Council further decided that the award should given to younger research workers and in 2008 that it be known as the Moseley medal and prize.

The award shall be made annually for distinguished research in experimental physics. This award is intended to recognise physicists early in their careers. The medal shall be silver and shall be accompanied by a prize of £1000 and a certificate.

Related information

Eligibility for awards

Those eligible for awards should have made a substantial contribution to the development of physics