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Business and innovation


Established in 2016, FeTu is an innovation-driven enterprise based in West Yorkshire that has created a revolutionary ‘green’ energy device targeting carbon reduction across a broad range of systems and industries. FeTu offers a disruptive enabling technology; a versatile ‘positive displacement turbine’ suitable for various applications.

The FeTu™ Roticulating™ system is a new and entirely novel energy architecture targeting mass cross-sector decarbonisation. Combining the finest characteristics of radial, axial and reciprocal techniques into a single high-efficiency solution.

The Fetu Roticulating Compressor is lightweight and compact.

FeTu’s novel ‘positive displacement turbine’ seamlessly and intrinsically translates between rotational and volumetric sources; the fundamental principle of all compressors, vacuum pumps, expanders and engines.

FeTu’s compressor achieved 7.2:1 pressure ratio at a speed of 1,500 revolutions per minute (RPM) (6.2barg); over 75% indicated efficiency; oil-free; capable of generating 45 kilopascal (kPa) vacuum at only 50rpm.

Unlike convention where one seems at the expense of the other, FeTu is both high-pressure and high-volume, and importantly is instantaneously effective from start-up. 

During testing, FeTu was described as having the attributes of an ideal compressor. On the assumption of lossless porting and lossless sealing, FeTu can achieve 99.99% volumetric efficiency.

Able to produce high pressures at standard motor speeds, FeTu offers direct coupling without associated losses from speed correction (gearbox). Units are compact, inordinately light and low noise. 

FeTu’s combined characteristics are highly desirable and not currently available in a single offering; the potential to run oil free and +80% thermal efficiency offer a drastic step-change in a sector desperate for energy and net CO2 savings.

FeTu have the potential to disrupt the entire compressor market by reducing CO2 output via higher energy efficiency and lower energy usage.

With 22 applications (including waste heat recovery, renewable power generation and natural refrigerant based cooling/heating) for the technology, FeTu could be the step-change innovation the entire energy sector is looking for.

FeTu energy device