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IOP Business Innovation Award: Coherent Scotland

Coherent Scotland receives a Business Innovation Award for the development of a range of cost-effective, turnkey, ultrafast lasers for life sciences, nanomanufacture and inspection applications.

The Axon range of lasers by Coherent Scotland are one-box, fully automated, tuneable ultrafast laser systems specifically designed to enable original equipment manufacturer integration into imaging and industrial tools where hitherto space and cost have been limiting factors. It is the embodiment of how it is possible to engineer complicated optical and laser physics into a user friendly, turnkey system.

As an example, 15 years since its first release, the Chameleon laser family remains the world’s most popular laser engine for multi-photon excitation microscopy (MPE), and is used by doctors and biologists studying humankind’s most pressing medical issues in cancer research, neuroscience and immunology.

An image of an Axon femtosecond laser, a one-box, fully automated, tuneable ultrafast laser system

The Axon range of lasers, developed over a six-year period, makes the technique more accessible, providing cost-effective devices at three of the most commonly used wavelengths used by biologists. The Axon series of femtosecond lasers are cost-effective, ultrafast sources at discrete wavelengths that enable a host of applications in imaging, life sciences, inspection and nanoprocessing. MPE microscopy applications are served by key wavelengths at 780 nm, 920 nm and 1064 nm for label-free imaging, and all popular fluorescent proteins and calcium indicators.

An image of an Axon femtosecond laser in use