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Mary Somerville Medal and Prize recipients

For exceptional early career contributions to public engagement in physics.


Dr Nicole Yunger Halpern

For vivifying Victorian physics in the public imagination by casting (quantum) thermodynamics as steampunk in writing and art, breaking barriers between disciplines.

Find out more about Dr Nicole Yunger Halpern


Dr XinRan Liu
University of Edinburgh

For exceptional contributions to public engagement in the field of particle physics, and for promoting leading UK research and innovation to both national and international audiences.


Dr Becky Smethurst
Department of Physics, University of Oxford

For engaging a diverse, global audience with complex astrophysical ideas presented at an accessible level with a large dose of enthusiasm on the YouTube channel Dr. Becky.


Dr Jessamyn Fairfield
National University of Ireland Galway
For stellar work as a speaker and writer on physics for a popular audience, and for having organised and hosted many innovative events bringing physics to the Irish public.