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Awards at a glance

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Award category Award name Awarded for Nomination
Apprentice and Apprenticeship Employer Awards Apprentice Award Contributions to physics by an apprentice Nomination/Self-nomination
  Apprenticeship Employer Award Contributions to apprenticeship schemes Nomination/Self-nomination
Bronze Early Career Medals and Prizes Jocelyn Bell Burnell Very early career female Nomination/Self-nomination
  James Clerk Maxwell Computational, Mathematical, Theoretical Nomination/Self-nomination
  Daphne Jackson Physics education Nomination/Self-nomination
  Henry Moseley Experimental Nomination/Self-nomination
  Clifford Paterson Commercial/Business, Industrial Nomination/Self-nomination
  Mary Somerville Public engagement Nomination/Self-nomination
Business Awards Business Innovation Award Innovation through application of physics Application by business
  Business Start-up Award Innovation through application of physics Application by business
  Lee Lucas Award Innovation by early-stage medical/healthcare companies Application by business
Gold Medals and Prizes Lawrence Bragg Physics education Nomination/Self-nomination
  Katharine Burr Blodgett Commercial/Business, Industrial Nomination/Self-nomination
  Paul Dirac Computational, Mathematical, Theoretical Nomination/Self-nomination
  Michael Faraday Experimental Nomination/Self-nomination
  Richard Glazebrook Leadership Nomination/Self-nomination
  William Thomson, Lord Kelvin Public engagement Nomination/Self-nomination
Honorary Fellowship Honorary Fellowship Service to physics Nomination/Self-nomination
International Bilateral Medals and Prizes Max Born Contributions to physics Awarded by IOP/German Physical Society
  Fernand Holweck Contributions to physics Awarded by IOP/French Physical Society
  Harrie Massey Contributions to physics Awarded by IOP/Australian Institute of Physics
  Giuseppe Occhialini Contributions to physics Awarded by IOP/Italian Physical Society
Isaac Newton Medal and Prize

Isaac Newton

Contributions to physics Nomination/Self-nomination
Phillips Award Phillips Award Service to the IOP Nomination/Self-nomination
President's Medal President's Medal Service to physics Awarded by IOP President
Silver Subject Medals and Prizes Edward Appleton Atmospheric, Earth/Environmental Nomination/Self-nomination
  James Chadwick Particle Nomination/Self-nomination
  Marie Curie-Sklodowska Physics education Nomination/Self-nomination
  Sam Edwards Soft matter Nomination/Self-nomination
  Rosalind Franklin Biological, Life sciences Nomination/Self-nomination
  Dennis Gabor Commercial/Business, Industrial Nomination/Self-nomination
  Fred Hoyle Astrophysics, Cosmology, Gravitational Nomination/Self-nomination
  James Joule Applied, Solving technological problems Nomination/Self-nomination
  Peter Mansfield Medical Nomination/Self-nomination
  Lise Meitner Public engagement Nomination/Self-nomination
  Nevill Mott Condensed matter, Materials Nomination/Self-nomination
  Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin Plasma, Solar, Space Nomination/Self-nomination
  Ernest Rutherford Nuclear Nomination/Self-nomination
  John William Strutt, Lord Rayleigh Computational, Mathematical, Theoretical Nomination/Self-nomination
  David Tabor Nanoscale, Surface Nomination/Self-nomination
  Joseph Thomson Atomic, Molecular Nomination/Self-nomination
  Thomas Young Optics, Physics outside visible region Nomination/Self-nomination
Teachers of Physics Award Teachers of Physics Award Physics education Nomination/Self-nomination
Technician Awards Technician Award Contributions to physics by a technician Nomination/Self-nomination