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2022 IOP Technician Award: Dr Delphine Hawthorne

Secondary Schools

Dr Delphine Hawthorne for outstanding commitment to a physics department after the sudden loss of a senior technician.

Award winner Delphine Hawthorn

Dr Delphine Hawthorne has been a physics technician for five years working on a part-time basis. She works in a busy department, with six teachers teaching GCSE, A-level and International Baccalaureate (IB) physics, and Hawthorne has built up a wealth of expertise in all areas, particularly when supporting students' A-level core practicals and IB coursework.

Very sadly, a long-standing colleague and talented senior physics technician died very suddenly in the first week of term in September 2021. It was a huge shock to the entire department, not least to Hawthorne who worked very closely with him. Quite simply, her efforts in the term that followed were outstanding; going above and beyond to ensure the department could continue to function.

Hawthorne single-handedly kept the department going throughout a very difficult time. For example, she did many extra hours to ensure practical demonstrations could continue to run, she trained herself in the school ordering and billing systems, and she still found time to be proactive in recommending and modifying equipment to suit teacher requirements, including training staff in new wireless sensors. Furthermore, she attended radiation protection and first aid courses as part of her professional development. Her commitment has been humbling.