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Winners of the 2020 Teachers of Physics Awards

Our Teachers of Physics awards – now in their 34th year – celebrate the achievements of teachers in raising the profile of physics and science in schools across the UK.

Catherine Dunn

Scottish Schools Education Research Centre and St Leonards School, St Andrews

Catherine has made a unique contribution through splitting her teaching between pupils at St Leonards School in St Andrews and the Scottish Schools Education Research Centre, where she taken her classroom experience and used it to support the professional learning of the wider network of teachers of physics, particularly in the area of practical work.

She is known as much for her remarkable modesty as for her outstanding intellectual ability. Her creativity and empathy allow her to present difficult concepts in novel, accessible ways and her support for many pupils and teachers is often bespoke.

She attends and presents at national events and she is well known, much respected and indeed well loved by the Scottish physics teaching community.

Jacqueline (Jackie) Flaherty

Chipping Campden School, Chipping Campden

Jackie is highly skilled, dynamic and committed, an outstanding teacher who takes complex concepts and enables students to see the beauty and wonder of them.

She is constantly seeking new opportunities for pupils, from running student-led science clubs with numerous external organisations, to coaching A-level students at her school to plan and deliver physics masterclasses to primary students in the local region.

She contributes very widely to staff development inside and outside her school, working closely with the Ogden Trust and she is also involved in initial teacher training.

Teacher of Physics 2020 winner Henry Hammond

Henry Hammond

Alexandra Park School, Haringey

Henry is a highly creative and enthusiastic physics teacher who has had a truly transformative influence on the teaching of physics at his school, seeing outstanding growth in the A-level physics numbers and a big increase in separate sciences at GCSE, and inaugurating many external teacher professional development projects for both primary and secondary colleagues, as well as technicians.

He is always looking for new ways to develop the curriculum and encourage inclusivity. Henry is committed to supporting staff to develop locally and nationally.

He runs the North East London Science Learning Partnership and two local Ogden Trust partnerships, delivers teacher subject specialist training, hosts interns and trainees, and supports the development and delivery of Ogden Trust professional development across England.

Matthew Lewis

Hawarden High School, Hawarden

Matthew is a motivated, enthusiastic and very able teacher who through his exceptional commitment inside and outside the classroom has influenced a steady increase in the popularity of physics and success of pupils in the subject.

An incredibly supportive colleague and subject leader, he has led in curriculum design and the sharing of resources to assist colleagues. Matthew has worked hard to obtain grants and regularly organised various trips and other extracurricular activities.

He also fosters and develops links with universities and industry, giving unique opportunities to the school’s students.

Mark Logue

St. Mary's College, Derry

Inside the classroom Mark is an outstanding practitioner, and his sense of fun and enthusiasm is well known, as he actively engages students with great skill and style.

Former pupils and parents testify to the exceptional care and help Mark supplies outside of the classroom with extra lessons, access courses, extracurricular activities such as competitions and visits, and for the wider community conferences and science festivals for both primary and secondary pupils in the area, with the result that Mark’s reputation extends far beyond the school.

As head of department he works tirelessly to provide materials for the department and generously supports colleagues with his time and effort, and is seen as a true role model.

Estralita (Esther) McCall

Brentwood Ursuline Convent High School, Brentwood

Esther’s leadership and passion for physics have inspired excellence from her students and colleagues, thus consistently raising uptake and achievement at several schools.

As well as organising science trips, including a trip to CERN, and whole-school physics-centred STEM festivals, her deep understanding of how physics curricular are embedded within science education led to an Edexcel Gold Certificate in the Good Schools Guide Awards for the best performance by girls taking physics at an English comprehensive school.

Inspiring future physicists, she has lectured at Imperial College London to aspiring undergraduate physics teachers and spoken twice at the IOP to promote physics teaching. She has also evangelised physics on The One Show, where she led a re-enactment of William Derham’s measurement of the speed of sound.

Esther is proud to act as a role model both for girls and BAME students.

Dr Ian Udall

Loreto Sixth Form College, Manchester

Ian is a very dedicated, hugely inspirational teacher who has encouraged many pupils to go on to study physics and engineering at a higher level.

An outstanding classroom teacher, Ian combines academic rigour with wit, creativity and an ability to instil confidence and draw out excellence from pupils whether in the classroom or through extracurricular activities.

A previous Ogden Fellow, Ian continues to coordinate extracurricular activities for years 7-13, including the annual Fabulous Physics event for Greater Manchester.

Ian also coordinates tutorials for gifted and talented students; his students regularly attend IOP lectures, and he runs physics career events for other schools’ students.

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