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2020 Nevill Mott Medal and Prize

Professor Laurence Eaves for his outstanding contributions to the investigations of fundamental electronic properties of quantum-confined systems and their applications in devices.

Professor Laurence Eaves 2020 Nevill Mott Medal and Prize winner

The research work of Professor Laurence Eaves has focused on the motion of electrons in nanostructures in the presence of strong electric fields.

He has pioneered the spatial mapping of the electronic wavefunction in semiconducting quantum dots, the quantum chaotic dynamics of electrons, and the properties of electronic devices in which electrons tunnel through a potential barrier.

By using high magnetic fields he has studied a range of physical phenomena including droplet hydrodynamics. His present research is focused on the electronic properties of heterostructures and devices made from graphene and other two-dimensional crystals.

Eaves presently holds research appointments at the Universities of Nottingham and Manchester.