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IOP Awards

The IOP Awards celebrate the people, organisations and achievements that make physics such an exciting discipline.

Nominations are now open for the 2024 Phillips Award, the Business, Higher Education and National Research Facility Technician Award, the Apprentice and Apprentice Employer Awards and the Business Awards.

Nominations are closed for the 2024 IOP Medals and Prizes, the Teachers of Physics Awards and the School and Further Education Technician Award.

Find out more about changes to our awards and timetables for other award openings.


Brilliant physics is everywhere. It’s in research, education and business, in people at all stages of their careers, and in all parts of the UK, Ireland and worldwide. The 2023 IOP Awards recognise the achievements of individuals and teams in all aspects of physics.

2023 IOP Awards

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2023 Institute of Physics Awards.

Find out more about each of the awards below.

Awards at a glance

Awards by category/discipline/area




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Apprentice employer

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Condensed matter

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Contributions to physics

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Life sciences 

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Physics education 

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Physics outside visible region 

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Public engagement 

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Service to physics

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Service to the IOP 

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Soft matter 

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Solving technological problems 

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Very early career female

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Data from past awards

From the 2021 IOP Awards onwards, we’ve asked all nominees to submit EDI information along with their nomination so we can continue to ensure our Awards include the whole physics community. 

See the full 2023 IOP Awards data as well as comparative data from recent years on gender, region and institution type.

Read more about EDI in the IOP Awards.

Committees and judging panels

The winners are decided by different committees and judging panels, which are each chaired by a Council Trustee. View lists of all of these committees and judging panels.

If you’ve got a question about the IOP Awards, you can get in touch with us at [email protected].

Awards celebration event summer 2023

In June 2023, the IOP held a Celebration of Physics, a free event that recognised all IOP Award winners from 2020-2022.

The ‘great physics take-off’ featured a range of talks, demonstrations and much more.

The IOP Awards

President's Medal

Made on the recommendation of our president, this medal is for both physicists and non-physicists who have contributed to physics in general and the IOP in particular.

Find out more about the President’s Medal

Isaac Newton Medal and Prize

The Isaac Newton Medal and Prize is for world-leading contributions to physics by an individual of any nationality.

Find out more about the Isaac Newton Medal and Prize

Gold Medals

Our six Gold Medals and Prizes recognise outstanding and sustained contributions of international renown to physics.

Find out more about the Gold Medals and Prizes

Silver Subject Medals

Our Silver Subject Medals and Prizes recognise distinguished contributions to physics.

Find out more about the Silver Subject Medals

Bronze Early Career Medals

Our Bronze Early Career Medals and Prizes recognise exceptional early career contributions to physics.

Find out more about the Bronze Early Career Medals

Phillips Award

The Phillips Award is for distinguished service to the IOP.

Find out more about the Phillips Award

Teachers of Physics Award

The Teachers of Physics Award celebrates the success of secondary school physics teachers who have raised the profile of physics and science in schools.

Find out more about the Teachers of Physics Award

Honorary Fellowship

The Honorary Fellowship is the highest accolade presented by the IOP to reflect an individual’s exceptional service to physics.

Find out more about our Honorary Fellows

Business Awards

Our Business Awards recognise companies across all sectors and at all stages – from start-ups to multi-national corporations – that have excelled in innovation and the application of physics.

Find out more about the Business Awards

Technician Awards

The IOP Technician Awards celebrate the contributions that technicians make to physics.

Find out more about the Technician Awards

Apprentice and Apprentice Employer Awards

The Apprentice and Apprentice Employer Awards celebrate the contributions that apprentices make to physics, and recognise employers that demonstrate their commitment and contribution to scientific and engineering apprenticeship schemes.

Find out more about the Apprentice and Apprentice Employer Awards

International Bilateral Awards

Our International Bilateral Awards are made jointly with physical societies in Germany, France, Italy and Australia.

Find out more

Awards in Ireland

IOP Ireland Awards

The awards build and reinforce a sense of community by recognising and rewarding excellence in individuals and teams and their contribution to physics.

Find out more about the IOP Ireland Awards

Find out more