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Project Juno

Project Juno recognises and rewards departments and schools of physics, institutes and organisations that have taken action to:

  • address gender equality in physics 
  • encourage best practice for all staff

Participation in Project Juno will enable you to work towards developing an equitable working culture in which all students and staff can achieve their full potential.

Juno award levels


Start your Juno journey by:

  • endorsing the project’s six principles
  • making a commitment to work towards Practitioner and then Champion


Demonstrate that your Juno journey is well underway with:

  • qualitative and quantitative evidence gathering
  • your initial action plan to demonstrate how you aim to achieve Champion status


Demonstrate that the six principles are embedded throughout and:

  • gather further evidence
  • have an action plan to demonstrate how you will continue to develop good practice

Juno Excellence Programme and Award

As a Juno Champion, you develop a programme of activities in conjunction with the IOP to showcase and embed successful and innovative practice nationally.

Application deadlines

The following application deadlines are for Juno Practitioners and Champions:

Please see the important applicant information sent in April 2020 regarding extensions to submissions due to COVID-19.  

  • Friday 23 April 2021
    Advise of intention to make an application by 12 March 2021
  • Friday 5 November 2021
    Advise of intention to make an application by 1 October 2021

More information

Email [email protected] to find out more and to discuss becoming a Juno Supporter, Practitioner or Champion.

How to become a Juno Supporter, Practitioner or Champion

Here you'll find all the information and documentation you need to support you in applying to become a Juno Supporter, Practitioner or Champion.

Read more

Six principles

Six principles form the criteria against which applications for Juno status are assessed.

Read the six principles

Juno assessment panel

The Practitioner and Champion awards are assessed by the Juno assessment panel which meets twice a year.

The panel comprises a chair and at least five other members.

Find out who the current members of the panel are.

Juno assessment panel

Current Juno award holders

Find out which institutions currently hold a Juno award.

Find out more

Project Juno independent evaluation

In 2013 we commissioned an independent evaluation of Project Juno to understand the impact it's had on physics departments in its first five years of operation.

Find out more and download the report

Project Juno and Athena SWAN

Project Juno and Athena SWAN are reciprocal awards, meaning once you have achieved one, you can convert it to the other using your existing paperwork provided that you are already a Juno Supporter and your institution has achieved at least Athena SWAN Bronze.

Both schemes have additional requirements and you need to read the Juno code of practice carefully to ensure you submit the right paperwork.

Details on how to convert a Juno award to an Athena Swan award