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Physics Inclusion Award: governance

The Physics Inclusion Award was developed by a steering group consisting of external members who have been involved at the IOP either through membership, being part of the Juno assessment panel, additional expertise or those who have lived experience of the challenges faced by underrepresented groups in physics.

Steering group

  • Professor Nicola Wilkin, University of Birmingham, Chair of the Steering Group, Former Juno Panel Chair
  • Rachel Youngman, Institute of Physics, Former Deputy Chief Executive
  • Dr Clara Barker, University of Oxford, I&D Representative to Council and LGBT+ Lead
  • Benyam Dejen, National Physical Laboratory, Research Scientist, The Blackett Lab Family Member
  • Professor Brian Fulton, University of York, Former Juno Panel Chair
  • Professor Helen Gleeson, University of Leeds, former I&D Representative to Council, Chair of Bell Burnell Graduate Scholarship Fund Panel 
  • Sophie Martin, University College London, PhD Student, The Blackett Lab Family Member 
  • Dr Matt Mears, University of Sheffield, Juno Panel Member and LGBT+ Lead 
  • Dr Tofail Syed, University of Limerick, Associate Professor and Head of Department of Physics 
  • Dr Sarah Williams, University of Cambridge, Women in Physics Member