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Project Juno independent evaluation

In 2013 we commissioned an independent evaluation of Project Juno to understand the impact it's had on physics departments in its first five years of operation.

We ran four surveys and five focus groups in departments at different stages of their Juno journeys. The results of the evaluation were overwhelmingly positive, and the physics community is extremely supportive of Juno.  

A number of recommendations were made to improve the scheme and were implemented.

There is a summary report highlighting the main findings of the evaluation, and a full report providing more detail on the evaluation.

Final report of Project Juno evaluation

The aim of the evaluation was to gather qualitative and quantitative evidence to assess the impact of Juno in its first five years of operation. Read the final report of the Project Juno evaluation.

Download the report (PDF, 2.1MB)

Summary of Project Juno evaluation

An eight-page summary of the Project Juno evaluation giving key insights from the report.

Download the summary (PDF, 467KB)