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How to become a Juno Supporter, Practitioner or Champion

Project Juno recognises and rewards physics departments, schools, institutes and organisations that:

  • address gender equality in physics 
  • encourage best practice for all staff

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Becoming a Supporter

Becoming a Practitioner

Becoming a Champion

Beyond Juno Champion

  • The Juno Excellence Programme and Award recognises exceptional Juno Champions who develop a programme of activities designed to showcase and embed successful and innovative practice, enabling a step-change in diversity and inclusion across the physics community.
    Find out more about the Juno Excellence Programme and Awards (PDF, 527KB)
  • We produced a guide to support our Juno Champions in their work to apply for and achieve Athena Swan Gold status - Journeying to the end of the rainbow? (PDF, 925KB)

Benchmarking data and additional resources

Information sheets containing data to help benchmark physics students and staff in UK Higher Education Institutions against your own institution are available to Juno Supporters, Practitioners and Champions via the Juno shared resource.

Please contact [email protected] if you don't already have access.

If you would like a print copy of any of the above documentation please contact the diversity team at [email protected].