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Juno assessment panel

The Practitioner and Champion awards are assessed by the Juno Assessment Panel, which meets twice a year.

Supporters can submit their letter of commitment at any point in the year and these are viewed by the panel.

Learn more about the panel assessing Juno applications.



The panel review the evidence that a department or school has submitted and will decide whether to award Practitioner or Champion.

Please refer to the code of practice for further details about the panel assessment process and requirements of the panel members.

The panel comprises a chair and at least five other members. Panel members are drawn from Juno Champion and Practitioner departments with approval of the chair of the panel and the IOP Diversity and Inclusion Committee. 

The panel includes at least two academic physicists and one non-academic physicist. There is at least one woman and one man on the panel.  


The current members of the Juno assessment panel are:

  • Professor Nicola Wilkin, University of Birmingham (Chair)
  • Physics representative from industry, AWE
  • Dr Susan Burrows, University of Warwick
  • Dr Gillian Butcher, University of Leicester
  • Dr Miriam Byrne, NUI Galway
  • Professor Farideh Honary, Lancaster University
  • Dr Solveig Felton, Queen's University Belfast
  • Professor Peter Main, King's College London
  • Dr Matthew Mears, The University of Sheffield
  • Professor Niranjan Thatte, University of Oxford
  • Dr Darren Wright, University of Leicester

More information

Get in touch with the diversity team for advice and guidance on the application process.

Email: [email protected]