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Institute of Physics

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Our strategy

The IOP’s vision for change, setting out the action we must take to ensure physics can achieve this potential.…

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IOP asks for government

The UK must find new answers to strengthen our economy and give hope to younger generations. Find out what we’re calling for from the new government and help us spread the word.…

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Funding applications open for IOP’s Africa-UK Physics Partnership Programme

Programme will build physics research and innovation capacity in seven sub-Saharan African countries to tackle global weather and sustainable energy challenges.…

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Highlights from the Celebration of Physics

A selection of photos from the Celebration of Physics held at Silverstone on 5 June 2024.…

Filtered topic Particle and nuclear
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Charmonium’s onion-like structure is revealed by new calculations

Prediction could be tested by upcoming Electron-Ion Collider…

Filtered topic Optics and photonics
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New diffractive camera hides images from view

Technology based on diffractive optical process offers alternative to traditional encryption…

Filtered topic Materials
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Sliding ferroelectrics offer fast, fatigue-free switching

Two new studies show that unconventional ferroelectric materials can endure many switching cycles without losing their ferroelectric properties…

Filtered topic Optics and photonics
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New titanium:sapphire laser is tiny, low-cost and tuneable

Energy efficient and integrated device is pumped by an LED…

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Optical Group Doctoral Thesis Prize

The Optical Group Doctoral Thesis Prize recognises outstanding graduate students in the field of optics and photonics. The prize winner receives £150 with £100 to be divided between runners-up.…

Filtered topic Environment and energy
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Satellites burning up in the atmosphere may deplete Earth’s ozone layer

Pollution from decommissioned satellites re-entering the atmosphere poses a risk to the Earth’s protective ozone layer …