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Our strategy

The IOP’s vision for change, setting out the action we must take to ensure physics can achieve this potential.…

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2024 general election hub

The UK must find new answers to strengthen our economy and give hope to younger generations. Find out what we’re calling for in the next UK general election.…

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Latest updates in physics from Physics World and the IOP

Filtered topic Particle and nuclear
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Search for tiny black holes puts tighter constraints on quantum gravity

IceCube looked for interactions between neutrinos and virtual black holes at the South Pole…

Filtered topic Quantum
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Quantum mechanical wormholes fill gaps in black hole entropy

New model could explain a 50-year-old conundrum involving the Bekenstein-Hawking formula…

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Working in partnership to develop the Physics Inclusion Award

Blog from Professor Nicola Wilkin, University of Birmingham, and Sarah Bakewell, IOP.…

Filtered topic Atomic and molecular
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Individual polyatomic molecules are trapped in optical-tweezer arrays

Molecules cooled to their quantum ground state…

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Sign up to the Physics Inclusion Award contact list

Complete the form to be added to the contact list for the Physics Inclusion Award.…

Filtered topic Biophysics and bioengineering
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Single-cell nanobiopsy explores how brain cancer cells adapt to resist treatment

Understanding how glioblastoma cells transform in response to treatment, and how to stop this, could prevent recurrence of this deadly brain cancer …

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Public Engagement Grant Scheme-funded projects 2023

Project summaries from winning applications.…

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Public Engagement Grant Scheme-funded projects 2022

Project summaries from winning applications.…