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Our strategy

The IOP’s vision for change, setting out the action we must take to ensure physics can achieve this potential.…

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2024 general election hub

The UK must find new answers to strengthen our economy and give hope to younger generations. Find out what we’re calling for in the next UK general election.…

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Latest updates in physics from Physics World

Filtered topic Condensed matter
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Hopfions seen in a magnetic crystal

Observation of 3D magnetic spin structures could be a boon for spintronics…

Filtered topic Particle and nuclear
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Evidence grows for deconfined quark matter in neutron-star cores

New study applies Bayesian inference to multiple observations…

Filtered topic Biophysics and bioengineering
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Cardiac vest creates detailed map of the heart’s electrical activity

Non-invasive and radiation-free whole-heart electrophysiological mapping can help identify people at risk of sudden cardiac death…

Filtered topic Quantum
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Simulations of time travel send quantum metrology back to the future

Teleportation of entangled quantum states leads to useful information gain, say theorists…

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State schools losing out as physics teacher shortage bites, says research

Survey reveals more than half of UK state schools understaffed for physics teachers – far fewer private schools have the same problem.…

Filtered topic Quantum
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Quantum processor integrates 48 logical qubits

Landmark in quantum error correction could lead to large-scale, useful quantum computers…

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If you would like to hear more about our general election work and how you can get involved, sign up now.…

Filtered topic Optics and photonics
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Ultrafast laser-based electron beam could help explore radiobiology of the FLASH effect

A femtosecond infrared laser tightly focused in ambient air generates a high-dose-rate MeV electron beam …