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Institute of Physics

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Our strategy

The IOP’s vision for change, setting out the action we must take to ensure physics can achieve this potential.…

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IOP asks for government

The UK must find new answers to strengthen our economy and give hope to younger generations. Find out what we’re calling for from the new government and help us spread the word.…

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Physicists named in HM The King’s Birthday Honours 2024

The IOP congratulates those in our field recognised for a range of innovative work that has had a major impact.…

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General election 2024: what the manifestos mean for physics

The IOP’s Head of Policy and Public Affairs, Elizabeth Chamberlain, summarises the key commitments relevant to physics and to the IOP’s asks for an incoming government.…

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Bell Burnell Graduate Scholarship Fund: 2024 awardees announced

Fund has now given out more than £1m over the last five years to physics PhD students as eight new scholars are revealed. …

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Bell Burnell Graduate Scholarship Fund 2024 Awardees

Awardees of the 2024 Bell Burnell Graduate Scholarship Fund.…

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Madeleine Fisher: Bell Burnell Graduate Scholarship Fund Awardee 2024

The scholarship is allowing Madeleine to focus solely on her PhD, where she is working on research that could ultimately help societies all over the world reach net zero via low-cost organic semicondu…

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James Leadbeatter: Bell Burnell Graduate Scholarship Fund Awardee 2024

James is excited about the real-world benefits his research in nanophotonics could bring about – such as cleaning up the water supply and lowering greenhouse gases.…

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Gracie McGill: Bell Burnell Graduate Scholarship Fund Awardee 2024

Working with imagery from the Euclid telescope, galactic archaeologist Gracie is working to understand how distant galaxies form and evolve.…

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Ellen Oldershaw: Bell Burnell Graduate Scholarship Fund Awardee 2024

Ellen’s work has the potential to change the way physics is taught in higher education in the UK, making it more accessible for students from minority backgrounds.…