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Institute of Physics

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Our strategy

The IOP’s vision for change, setting out the action we must take to ensure physics can achieve this potential.…

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2024 general election hub

The UK must find new answers to strengthen our economy and give hope to younger generations. Find out what we’re calling for in the next UK general election.…

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UK general election: the IOP is calling for a Britain powered by physics

Head of Policy Elizabeth Chamberlain outlines the priorities for an incoming government.…

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Local partnerships key to unlocking potential of physics apprenticeships

The IOP’s latest Solving Skills report shows that employers’ efforts to bolster physics-related apprenticeships are working – but this must just be a start to help kickstart the economy and give hope …

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The Duke of Edinburgh visits the Institute of Physics

Prince Edward met with IOP members and heard about the role physicists are playing in the green transition.…

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Solving skills: Powering growth through physics-related apprenticeships

Our latest report confirms that now is the time to set a course for economic growth. Physics-related apprenticeships can be a solution – if we unleash their potential.…

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Apprentices in physics-powered businesses can plug UK skills gap – IOP

Employers are working to overcome barriers to hiring more apprentices in bid to bridge local skills gaps.…

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Technician Award

Make a nomination now for the awards that aim to raise the visibility and professional status of technicians.…

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Teachers of Physics Awards

Make a nomination now for the awards that celebrate the success of secondary-level physics teachers who have raised the profile of physics and science in schools and colleges.…

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Phillips Award

Make a nomination now for the award that recognises members who have played a significant role for the IOP.…