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YouTube is the largest host of free online video in the world and the Institute tries to ensure that every piece of video we have appears on our Institute of Physics channel. YouTube offers a unique opportunity to present our work to a very large audience at a low cost. 

We have over 1,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel, and videos can be promoted using our social media platforms. Videos rank highly on Google's search.

Shorter videos are accessible to a wider audience and they are the most successful on our channel. This is increasingly a trend with people’s viewing habits on the web and may convey a message better. 

Brevity is always preferred in online video, just think of your own viewing habits. Proposing focused and concise videos is likely to lead to more views.

Once a video is up on YouTube it is very difficult to edit the content in the video. If changes are necessary then the video will have to be uploaded again to a new url. You would lose your likes and comments and if it is embedded onto a website then it will no longer work.

Videos will be uploaded as publicly available unless stated otherwise, here are the options:

  • Public: Open to anyone. Available by clicking on our channel, searching on the web and subscribers will receive emails of new content
  • Unlisted: Semi-private. This means the video is only available to those with a direct link. It won’t be sent to subscribers and won’t appear in searches or on our channel. Please note – if you share it to an untrustworthy source then they may spread it on their social media platforms
  • Private: Only those who can log into the channel or have been sent an email through the channel can watch the video. Useful for when you want to keep a video secret and share it with a few people internally

Visit the YouTube Help website for more detailed tips

last edited: November 22, 2012

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