The IOP aims to be more inclusive by subtitling its videos.

  • Videos under 10 minutes in duration will usually be subtitled by the New Media Coordinator – subtitling takes a long time to do and longer videos (e.g. a full length lecture) may need to be outsourced to an external company, which the commissioning department should pay for
  • It is at the discretion of the commissioning department on whether they want to pay for subtitling a video over 15 minutes in length
  • If a film is being made by an external company then please remember to ask them to provide a subtitled version of the film (as well as a transcript and a non-subtitled copy)
  • If you would like guidance on subcontracting a company for subtitling please contact the New Media Coordinator
  • On YouTube, the subtitle features can be turned on and off - whereas for downloads and Blip.TV, the IOP will either have to provide a subtitled film or non-subtitled film

Closed captions: These are generally considered the better kind of caption and are subtitles you can switch on and off.

Open Captions: These are burned onto the video itself making it part of the video and impossible to remove.

last edited: November 22, 2012

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