Live streaming

Live streaming (or 'webcasting') is a useful scalable tool to provide for an audience that can't be at an event.

Live streaming events could be useful for Q&As, lectures or if you're interviewing a celebrity.

Live streaming is more complicated to than filming content for the website and therefore requires more care and planning time. For particularly important events, a highlights video can be made in addition to the live stream. 

The stream can be hosted on our Facebook page and our website.

To live stream video on our Ustream channel and through our social media platform there are certain requirements:

  • The content has to be interesting to a relatively large audience
  • Sound quality must be catered for – either through an advantageous filming position or a feed from a microphone through a mixing desk
  • Two plug sockets near the camera’s position
  • A wired broadband connection with speeds of at least around 2Mbps
  • Preparation time of at least one week

last edited: November 22, 2012

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