Basic requirements

A few points to really get the most out of your video request.

  • Please be clear on what you want and who the audience the film is for 
  • Give the web team plenty of notice so sufficient project time can be scheduled
  • Specify on whether you want an edited sequence or a fixed frame video
  • Please allow for sufficient lighting in the room
  • Sound issues are the most common fault with online media. Please spare a thought for sound quality. Discuss with the New Media Coordinator of the best position in a room
  • Give clear instructions for what you want filmed and for how long. Sometimes we have to order tapes for longer conferences
  • To help with the creation of captions please provide names and job titles
  • The minimum requirements to meet the practicalities of filming is:
    • sufficient space for the camera
    • mains socket to ensure the battery doesn’t die
    • 30 minutes set up time on the day

Did you know?

  • Instead of live streaming an event, you can request a live blog. This is useful in coverage of conferences or events in which many want to attend but aren’t able to
  • You can live stream and record video simultaneously
  • If you have a text heavy subject or a request for something without many pictures then a motion graphic can be created (please provide the text)
  • Having bright LCD televisions in videos can distort the brightness of the footage

last edited: November 22, 2012

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