Information about noticeboards and best use

Branches/Groups can have a noticeboard added to their landing pages. The noticeboard is a way of highlighting topical information within your pages – similar to a twitter feed. For example, it could be used to draw attention a new event added to the calendar or any updates to an existing event, or it could highlight a call for prize nominations or that a new newsletter was added.

The information from each Branch/Group/Division’s noticeboard is automatically fed in to the noticeboard on the main IOP website home page.

When you submit a request via the ticketing system you will have an option to request that information be added to the noticeboard. Please see the ticketing system guidelines for more information.

Noticeboard entries are made up of the following elements:

  • Title of noticeboard item (which is also a link to the corresponding page). The title of the entry is identical to the header of the page to which it links
  • Descriptive text underneath this title (maximum 10 words)

Noticeboard entries link to content on the IOP website only, not to any external websites.

last edited: August 26, 2016

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