Group guidelines

The following guidelines are useful for representative members of IOP Groups who submit content for the IOP's website.

IOP Groups have up to eleven pages.

Standard provided pages are:

Optional additional pages are:

Landing/index page 
The landing page acts as an introductory page for the Group. It should usually feature a short introduction (around 200 words) about the Group and preferably an image related to the group area of interest.

The landing page can also feature a noticeboard.

Committee and Contacts page  
The committee page features a list of all the members of your committee. For each member, their name, job title and employer may be listed.

To update this list of members, please contact the Science Support Officer.

Please be aware that the information listed for each member is automatically synchronized with information from the membership database. Any updates needed to this information must be requested by the individual member through MyIOP.

In addition to the committee page, it also features the contact details for the Group officers. As well as listing names, job titles and employer names, a contact address, telephone and e-mail address may also be listed. Please note that we will not display private address/telephone details or any details which you have specifically requested to remain private through MyIOP.

For changes to the list of officers, please contact the Science Support Officer.

Calendar page  
The calendar page features a calendar that advertises all events organised or co-sponsored by the Group, along with any related events which the Group committee wishes to highlight.

This information feeds in to the combined group calendar as well as the main IOP calendar.

Newsletter/News page  
The newsletter page should contain a copy of the group’s latest newsletter (as a PDF file), as well as an archive of newsletters going back two calendar years.

Any older copies of the Group’s newsletter can be uploaded to the Group’s page on MyIOP by a Group representative.

Groups can also choose to feature key stories/articles from their newsletter on this page in the form of a ‘news column’. In this instance, the page will be renamed to ‘News’ and a sub-section will be added to the page specifically for the newsletter.

The news section can also feature an archive, containing stories/articles from the past two years.

Please note, that Groups may also keep this information along with older archive information on their MyIOP pages if they wish. Groups can update their MyIOP pages directly; this will not happen automatically.

Prize page 
The Group prize page can feature the details of any prizes the Group awards.

If the group presents more than one prize, a sub-section can be set up on this page for each prize. Sub-sections can also be set up to contain information such as past winners, eligibility details, etc.

History page  
The history page can feature information about the Group history. This can include images and file downloads.

Members network page  
This page will feature a direct link to the MyIOP network for the group.

Group committees can edit their own MyIOP pages. Please contact the Science Support Officer for your Group login details. If you have any queries regarding individual login details or how to use MyIOP, please email Member services.

Useful links page  
This page can feature links to any external websites that the Group deems useful for visitors to their pages.

It can also feature links to pages that already exist on the IOP website. Please note that this section cannot feature any links to files.

Additional pages  
Each group can request up to two additional pages/sections of their choice. It is not possible for these pages to include any further sub-pages/sections.

The additional pages can have links to file downloads.

last edited: July 03, 2020

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