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These pages were archived in April 2012 and will not be updated. If you are looking for current Teaching Medical Physics resources, they can be found at http://www.teachingmedicalphysics.org.uk

Medical Physics Teaching Materials for Schools

This website supports a teaching pack which has been circulated to all UK schools. It contains lessons as Powerpoint presentations and other material aimed at helping teachers to teach science with examples from medical physics. The presentations can be used as free-standing lessons at GCSE level (on the electromagnetic spectrum, radioactivity and ultrasound), or parts of the presentations may be used at A level or earlier, or for particular topics such as the Doppler effect, radiation safety or waves.

For further copies of the teaching pack, please contact the Institute of Physics at help@teachingmedicalphysics.org.uk, or download the entire CD as an iso file (150MB), which your CD writer software should be able to burn directly to a CD.


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Computer requirements

This material is intended for PCs running Windows XP, with Microsoft Powerpoint and Word. If the lessons don't run on your computer, you can try the pdf versions here: electromagnetic spectrum, ultrasound and radioactivity. Not all the multimedia features may be available in these versions, but they should work on any computer (provided you have the Adobe Acrobat reader). You may need to run the movies seperately by clicking on them in Windows Explorer.

Alternatively, you can download the latest free viewers for Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Word and Macromedia Flash.

All parts of this website can be copied and distributed freely. You might find the material works better if you copy it to your computer instead of running it from the website. For help, contact help@teachingmedicalphysics.org.uk. And please tell us what you think about the teaching pack at feedback@teachingmedicalphysics.org.uk