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We have developed this section to specifically cater for teachers.

Here you will find useful links to tailored content from around the website.

Teacher support

Physics Teacher Network

Teacher Network

Our Teacher Network offers free CPD, support and advice to teachers of physics


Benchmark tools for practical work in science

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New planning tools available to help with the resourcing of practical work

For new teachers

I am new to teaching physics

Find support if you're new to teaching physics or recently qualified

It's different for girls

Girls in physics

girls enjoying a physics class
Girls in physics

The Institute is working to understand and address the issue of girls’ under-representation in physics post-16

For teachers

Resources for the classroom

For teachers

We provide plenty of resources on various different topics

Teacher support

Supporting Physics Teaching

Supporting Physics Teaching

For both specialist and non-specialist teachers who teach physics


Schools and colleges Affiliation Scheme

Schools and Colleges Affiliation Scheme

For both specialist and non-specialist teachers who teach physics

Related information


Audio and video resources for those in education

Physicists in Primary Schools (PIPS)

Resources for physicists who want to interest young children in physics

The classroom and beyond

Education support and activities 2012

Other IOP websites

A community for teachers of physics and their supporters

A support network for teachers and pupils of physics in England

Your guide to physics on the web

Ideas and resources for teaching physics to students aged 16-19

Search for undergraduate physics courses in the UK and Ireland