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Special interest groups

Groups and Divisions

Be at the heart of the physics community by joining one of the 50 member-led Groups

Becoming Chartered

Chartered status


Chartered status is the ultimate mark of professionalism and commitment for a physicist – and the process needn’t be daunting.

Get involved

Volunteer for IOP activities

Physics in the Field

There are lots of opportunities to volunteer and be part of IOP activities.


IOP in your area

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Find out about the latest news and events in your local area

Current campaigns

Help us grow

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The bigger our membership, the more we can do

Professional panels

Ensuring standards

the Best Practice in Professional Development awards

Support other physicists throughout their careers.


Careers information and resources


The IOP is committed to providing members with accurate, up-to-date, careers information and resources.

Physics for development

Education in Africa

Physics for development

Support physics teaching in developing countries throughout Africa.


Continuing professional development

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The IOP offers its members the chance to make the most of themselves through a range of professional development opportunities.

Physics Policy

Physics advocacy programme

Physics policy

Explore the ways you can influence physics policy decisions.

Member benefits table

To view a list of benefits for each membership grade, please click to view our benefits table.

Related information

MyIOP and MemberTalk Use MyIOP to access digital issues of Physics World, Physics World archive, online learning courses and much more. Get involved in the latest discussion by visiting MemberTalk.

Support and grants

Sources of funding from the Institute of Physics

Physicists in Primary Schools (PIPS)

Resources for physicists who want to interest young children in physics

Royal Charter

The Institute acquired the Royal Charter in 1970

IOP for Africa

Our work in Africa

Other IOP websites

Jobs for physicists in a wide range of academic and industrial sectors

The membership magazine of the Institute of Physics