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41. Branch news (Score: 1.0000)
News from the East Anglia Branch last edited: November 20, 2019 News from the IOP

42. Newsletter (Score: 1.0000)
The current issues of the Group newsletter (a Special Issue and a regular issue) are available for download here A newsletter archive is available. The Institute is a charity registered in England and Wales (no. 293851) and Scotland (no. SC040092).

43. Occhialini medal recipients (Score: 1.0000)
2017 Professor Michele Vendruscolo University of Cambridge For having brought physics and biology together in innovative ways to make highly influential contributions to the understanding of the fundamental principles of protein aggregation, solubility and homeostasis. 2013 Professor Silvia Pascoli Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology, Department of Physics, Durham University For her major contributions to the study of, and leadership in, the field of neutrino phenomenology. 2008 ...

44. Giuseppe Occhialini Medal and Prize (Score: 1.0000)
In 2007 the Italian Physical Society together with the Institute of Physics instituted an award to honor the memory of Giuseppe Occhialini. The prize has been promoted jointly by the two Societies on occasion of the Centenary of the birth of Giuseppe Occhialini with the aim to commemorate the eminent scientist as well as to strengthen the relationship between the two societies. Terms The award shall be made for distinguished work carried out within the 10 years preceding the award. The award ...

45. Harrie Massey medal recipients (Score: 1.0000)
2018 Professor Michael Benjamin Johnston University of Oxford For his significant and distinctive contributions to the important region of science where fundamental semiconductor physics, together with materials design, growth and spectroscopic analysis have led to notable advances in the fields of optoelectronics, photonics and high-frequency electronics. 2010 Professor Hans Bachor Australian National University For his pre-eminent work in the field of quantum optics, in particular his ...

46. Holweck medal recipients (Score: 1.0000)
2014 Professor Ramin Golestanian University of Oxford For his pioneering contributions to the field of active soft matter, particularly microscopic swimmers and active colloids. 2007 Jean-Pierre Hulin FAST Laboratory, associated to CNRS and to the Pierre et Marie Curie and Paris-Sud Universities For his contribution to the physics of mixing and flows in porous materials. 2002 Professor John Bernard Pethica University of Oxford Distinguished for his contributions to the field of nanometre and ...

47. IOP Fellow, Professor John Brown OBE FRSE, Astronomer Royal for Scotland, died suddenly at the weekend (Score: 1.0000)
John was Regius Professor of Astronomy at the University of Glasgow, and held honorary professorships at both the University of Edinburgh and the University of Aberdeen. By working with IOP Scotland to install and unveil several blue plaques celebrating the achievements of Scottish astronomers, John helped to raise the profile of famous Scottish Scientists. IOP National Manager (Scotland), Alison McLure, said: 'John was a great driving force in celebrating the achievements of science and ...

48. Physics Mentors (Score: 1.0000)
A free service for teachers, supporting new teachers and those who may be geographically isolated. It is an initiative of the Institute of Physics Teacher Network. All who teach physics whether in Junior Cycle, Senior Cycle, GCSE or A Level are welcome to contact Physics Mentors about any matter relating to teaching Physics.

49. Physics on Stage (Score: 1.0000)
Videos (in both English and Irish) of the demonstrations in the Physics on Stage booklet Physics on Stage 2 and 3: Demonstrations and teaching ideas (PDF, 6 MB) The Institute is a charity registered in England and Wales (no. 293851) and Scotland (no. SC040092).

50. A question of physics (Score: 1.0000)
Twelve intriguing multiple-choice physics questions to tickle your synapses. 10. If a ping pong ball had the same kinetic energy as two colliding protons in the LHC how fast would the ping pong ball move? Question leaflet available to order from IOP Ireland, email:

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