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181. Once a physicist: Arie van ’t Riet (Score: 1.0000)
What sparked your initial interest in physics? As a child I was fascinated by biology and aspects of physics such as electricity and magnetism. What area was your physics degree in, and did you ever consider a permanent academic career? As I preferred applied physics over theoretical physics, I chose to study the former at the Delft University of Technology. How has your physics background helped? It’s not easy creating these X-ray images where there are huge differences in thickness ...

182. Engineering a career in terahertz (Score: 1.0000)
I spoke to Cooper to find out what drove his self-described “non-ballistic career trajectory''., and to find out how his PhD in physics gave him the necessary tools and skills for a career as an engineer. What sparked your initial interest in physics and what influenced you to pursue the subject at PhD level? As a kid, I was always interested in science and physics. I did my PhD in condensed-matter physics at the California Institute of Technology, followed by a postdoc in ...

183. LeeAnn Janissen (Score: 1.0000)
By the end of my time at CERN, I realized that a career as a particle physicist wasn’t the best fit for me. For the past year and a half, I’ve taken a small pause in my ceramics practice because I’ve been involved in creating a new equity trading strategy for a hedge fund. How has your physics background been helpful in your work? My physics training has given me a way of looking at and making sense of the world.

184. Once a physicist: Tim Head (Score: 1.0000)
Tim Head runs Wild Tree Tech – a software consultancy that builds data analysis products and teaches courses on machine-learning. That’s why I decided to leave my postdoctoral position at the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne in Switzerland after two years and founded Wild Tree Tech. What are some of the projects you are currently working on at Wild Tree Tech, especially in the field of open-source data? Wild Tree Tech is a small consultancy that creates and customizes...

185. From physics to environmental science: a natural evolution? (Score: 1.0000)
For Daniel Kammen, a elf-confessed Star Trek fan and director of the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley, US, the migration from physics to environmental science was serendipitous. While studying physics at Cornell University, Kammen learned about astronomy and cosmology, worked in the low-temperature physics laboratories and in solid-state physics, where he published his first papers on solid-state masers, and eagerly absorbed courses on ...

186. Tales from a British physicist in Japan (Score: 1.0000)
I had first visited Japan in 2009, spending four months at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) in Tokyo on a short-term postdoctoral fellowship funded by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). Elizabeth Tasker is an associate professor at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's Institute of Space and Aeronautical Sciences. Image: Cultural education Astrophysicist Elizabeth Tasker works for Japan's space agency in Tokyo.

187. Once a physicist: Anna Starkey (Score: 1.0000)
Did you ever consider an academic career, especially after your time as a UK particle physics outreach officer? I did briefly – as a teenager I had big plans to discover the Higgs boson. After my physics degree at Warwick University, I did a Master's in science communication at Imperial College London, which blew my world open. What does your current role, as the creative director of Bristol's We The Curious interactive science centre, entail? I look after all the public-facing content...

188. Once a physicist: Lydia Harriss (Score: 1.0000)
Lydia Harriss is head of physical sciences at the UK’s Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, which provides independent advice on science, technology and social science topics to MPs and peers. Providing advice to MPs and peers about science is a unique intersection between science and communication. My physics knowledge has been directly relevant to some of the subjects I’ve covered, for example the briefing that we did on quantum technologies.

189. How to write a good CV for industry (Score: 1.0000)
Industrial cus Employers want to know from your CV that you can apply your physics knowledge to solve real technical problems. If your degree’s purely academic, how can you show you’re suited to a job in industry? Employers do want to see a track record of academic attainment but crucially they also want to see you can apply your physics knowledge beyond the lecture theatre, to solve real technical problems. This kind of CV lets employers see more easily how your experience and ...

190. Once a physicist: Angus Jackson (Score: 1.0000)
Angus Jackson is a theatre director, currently season director of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Rome Season. Well, I studied physics and philosophy (with Dave Wark and Jon Butterworth) at Balliol College, Oxford, so there’s already a crossover there. I had to admit it was Dave Wark, who had taught me atomic physics at Oxford and they all burst out laughing.

181-190 of 12180 results for *

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