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111. School and college (Score: 1.0000)
By studying physics at school or college you're opening the door to a wide variety of rewarding careers. Studying physics is a good way of keeping your options open and earning a good salary. There are profiles showing what physicists get up to and you can look at the sectors that physics graduates work in the Your future with physics: Career directions section.

112. I work in higher education (Score: 1.0000)
ECUIP is a collaborative project with the long-term aim of improving physics graduates’ conceptual understanding in Newtonian mechanics and electricity and magnetism. The project group consists of physics departments across the UK and Ireland. The physics departments involved used a range of assessment instruments to test the conceptual understanding of their students at various stages of their education.

113. Publications: 2013 (Score: 1.0000)
Group Industrial Projects report: June 2013 A guide to establishing undergraduate group-research projects with external partners IOP Statistical Report: Academic Physics Staff in UK HEIs: updated with 2010/11 and 2011/12 data This report is an updated version of the overview of academic and research staff in UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the physics cost centre and a number of other selected cost centres published in 2012. The Importance of Physics to Economic Growth Physics is a...

114. | Explore | The Big Bang time machine (Score: 1.0000)

115. | Explore | Physics Reimagined (Score: 1.0000)

116. Degree accreditation and recognition (Score: 1.0000)
The accreditation of physics degrees and recognition of interdisciplinary and combined science degrees are important parts of our support for higher education. Accreditation is the means by which we monitor the content and standard of physics degrees and keep' the wider community of physicists informed. Details of the requirements for accreditation are set out in The Physics Degree (PDF, 39KB).

117. University of York (Score: 1.0000)
At York, the Group Industrial Projects will be offered as part of the existing BSc group project module during the final year of the BSc degree programme. The module will be assessed by an individual final report and oral exam, jointly worth 60% of the mark, with the remaining 40% coming from assessment of the project notebook, and general progress and engagement with the project, as assessed by the project supervisor. Here the students, within their project groups, must jointly prepare a ...

118. University College London (Score: 1.0000)
Brief Description:Aims to teach students how to function effectively in a group, simulating a professional working environment, tackling a problem in physics requiring group co-operation for its solutions. The technical skills exercised in the collective solution of the set problem rely on practical skills developed in courses in earlier academic study in Physics. They then practice these skills in small groups by attempting the solutions of a complex technical problem in physics which ...

119. University of Surrey (Score: 1.0000)
In the final year at Surrey the BSc student cohort choose a final year project. The students have access to lab space and equipment, and computational resources depending on the type of project they undertake. The final year project, equivalent to working half time on the project has a well-tested framework of assessment based on a written report on the project, and continuous assessment by the project supervisor.

120. Queen Mary University of London (Score: 1.0000)
Description of the Group Industrial Project activity:The Group Industrial Projects will be an optional module in the second semester of the third year. It is envisaged that the industrial collaborators will provide a short description of the project at the start of the module and that weekly project meetings will take place between the group and the academic supervisor at QMUL. As the industrial collaborator will require a concise report on the whole of the project, and their initially posed ...

111-120 of 12180 results for *

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