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1. Lectures (Score: 1.0000)
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2. Physics in Perspective: 2012 lectures (Score: 1.0000)
She helps us become quantum mechanics ourselves while revealing the theory and technology behind future handheld devices. Manik Surtani is a senior software engineer at Red Hat Inc. Involved in the creation of open source technology he is well placed to tell students at the Royal Institution about the social impacts of new technologies. The talk includes cloud computing, smart phones and social networks.

3. Physics in Perspective: 2013 lectures (Score: 1.0000)
Dr Helen Czerski studies the physics of how these bubbles form and how they help gases and particles move between the water and the air. Based on his extensive experience of working on the aftermath of the Chernobyl accident, Prof. Jim Smith discusses the health and environmental risks of radioactivity, along with how the media have influenced our perceptions of these risks. Prof Jim Smith:' Are the social impacts of nuclear disasters worse than the contamination?

4. Tyndall Lectures 2020 (Score: 1.0000)
Physics research leads to advances across medicine, biology, chemistry, materials science, computer science, transport, communications and environmental science. Liz holds an honours degree in Physics and a PhD in Astrophysics from Queen’s University Belfast. The Tyndall school lecture series will be taking place across nine locations in January and February 2020.

5. Tyndall Lectures 2019 (Score: 1.0000)
Music and physics have always been close cousins. ' Tom McCormack has a PhD in atomic physics and is a lecturer in physics in UCD. His research interests range from the interaction of lasers with atoms to novel semiconductor light sources to innovative teaching and learning methods. Tom is highly interested in the promotion of science and is actively involved in many physics outreach projects at UCD from transition year events and workshops to school visits.

6. Tyndall Lectures 2018 (Score: 1.0000)
James Soper, internationally renowned science presenter, ex-professional circus performer and Guinness World Record holding juggler, performs this fast-paced and interactive show especially written for 14-16 year olds and the Tyndall Lectures. In the show James will challenge and inspire the audience to look at their passions and hobbies and see that the physics behind their hobbies is the same physics that drives our modern world and could be their passport to rewarding future career. ...

7. Tyndall Lectures 2017 (Score: 1.0000)
The show will be performed by Eoin Gill as Robert Boyle and Sheila Donegan as Lady Ranelagh. Eoin Gill and Sheila Donegan are directors of Calmast STEM Outreach Centre at Waterford Institute of Technology. They have been celebrating the legacy of Robert Boyle for many years speaking and performing about Boyle in several countries.

8. Tyndall lectures 2013 (Score: 1.0000)
The Tyndall Lectures, held throughout Ireland every January/February, use demonstrations and interactivity to enthuse schoolchildren and show how their class work relates to modern areas of physics research. The potential for harnessing the energy produced in the fusion reaction as a future alternative to fossil fuels. Curriculum links include:How science works - applications and implications of science, energy resources, radioactivity, stars and fusion.

9. Tyndall lectures 2015 (Score: 1.0000)
Following in the tradition of the esteemed Irish physicist John Tyndall (1820-1893) who delivered hundreds of lectures at the Royal Institution in London, these IOP Ireland-sponsored lectures use demonstrations and interactivity to enthuse school students about the physics they are learning in class. The 2015 Tyndall Schools' Lecture Series sees Sue McGrath take to the road with her 'Technology Rocks', an innovative, interactive show exploring light, sound, electricity, magnetism and ...

10. Tyndall lectures 2016 (Score: 1.0000)
In 2013 she toured the UK as the IOP Schools and Colleges’ lecturer, talking to 14- to 16-year-olds about the physics of spaceflight. Laura is a European Space Education Resource Office space ambassador, promoting the use of space as a context for learning. Laura works with lots of different organisations to promote science, technology, engineering and maths by developing resources and activities and providing support for teachers.

1-10 of 1281 results for lectures

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