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NQT QT IoP NQT Conference Monday 14th July 2014 Tim Gilchrist First things first How did I get here? Speed=Distance/Time Success breeds confidence Physical models make concepts easier Active learning Context Tell them how difficult it is! Force them solve problems in six steps: Analyse the question to extract the key data and remove extraneous information Draw a diagram to show the key features of the problem Identify which physical principles will help you solve the problem Select the ...

2. Forces (Score: 1.0000)
Pupils often think that: ' if an object is moving there must be a force acting on ' if an object is stationary there are no forces acting on ' if a force acts on an object it will inevitably ' force is a property of an object; an object has force and, when the force 'runs out', it stops ng ' acceleration can only occur in the same direction as an object is ' when dropped in a vacuum, heavier objects will reach the ground t ' falling objects stay at the same speed as they ' opening a ...

3. Some scientific words with everyday meanings (Score: 1.0000)
Some scientific words with everyday nings Everyday meaning Scientific ing

4. SPS Event Spring 2012 (Score: 1.0000)
Making forces explicit Can be applied at all levels (year 7 to A Level) Allows an 'at a glance view' of pupil understanding How we get free body diagrams - Representing forces - A butterfly ..and simplified butterfly Support force from leaf Gravitational force from Earth Support force from leaf Gravitational force from Earth Free body diagram butterfly Support force from leaf Gravitational force from Earth Gravitational force from Earth Confusion between ...

5. PowerPoint Presentation (Score: 1.0000)
How A-level physics keep your options open What physics students do after graduating Skills that studying physics develops Careers from s 2 0 5 10 15 20 25 Mathematics Physics Biology Chemistry French German Geography Spanish English English Literature Italian History Design Technology Ancient Greek Art Latin Music Number of degrees (Informed Choices: a Russell group guide to making decisions about Post-16 education) A-levels considered 'essential' for studying different grees Careers ...

6. Preparing to teach A-level Physics (Score: 1.0000)
Preparing to teach A-level Physics Richard Bonella Physics Teacher Network Coordinator (PNC) 'Physics in the Field' volunteer Teaching & Learning Coach (TLC) NQT tor This session: Suggested resources ' on paper, and electronically from event organiser. Identify (IOP website) and contact your IOP Teacher Network Coordinator (PNC) and attend, or even suggest topics for, IOP workshops. Go online to university websites: look for chances to take students to events, to invite academics into ...

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Favourite Demos & Class Experiments Alan h Activity Suppliers (name / cost / website) Your notes Fun intros Cosmic ball / electric duck Cosmic ball, '5, Fun fly stick Fun Fly Stick, '10, Centripetal tray - ptics Disappearing glass - Disappearing hydrogel "crystal clear water bubbles", '5, Mirage Hologram Chamber, '6, ressure Cyclone - Vacuum Vacuvin coffee saver, '11, ...

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Digital munities # ysics Online learning community Private, professional interaction Expert content Monthly digests Searchable @TakeOnPhysics Physics Open support network Expert contributors User-generated content Rapid, crowdsourced responses 'possibly more pictures of cats #conf

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Nothing better than a physics explanation ' except giving a physics explanation. In both cases, they ' and we ' genuinely value physics, physics education and good physics teachers. Declining A-level numbers And, no doubt related, a shortage good, specialist physics teachers.

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