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1. | Explore | Newton's Life (Score: 1.0000)

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Old but simple experiment about waves and light to demonstrate diffraction using pencil, tape and a candle or torch. Historical background and online tutorials on diffraction in which you can vary wavelength and aperture width, and see the results as wave fronts, and as an intensity graph. Bragg's Law and diffraction - how waves reveal the atomic structure of crystals.

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A fantastic interactive introduction to relativity, covering everything from the background to e=mc2 and special relativity. A comprehensive introduction to special relativity, the fourth dimension, curved spacetime and general relativity. Textbook style pages giving details of the postulates of special relativity, Lorentz transforms, The Twin Paradox, and a history of special relativity.

5. Superposition | Contact (Score: 1.0000)
Superposition is a new artist-in-residence programme from the Institute of Physics which invites visual artists and physicists to work collaboratively to explore and contribute to the field of contemporary art. This project blog allows you to follow artist Lyndall Phelps and physicist Ben Still as they work together to question and interpret current research in particle physics ' resulting in the creation of a new artwork. Covariance (1)Martin Sach wrote: We are looking forward to a ...

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A short film explaining the Doppler effect in simple, easy to understand terms. Java applet (part of a wider site) which illustrates the Doppler effect for sound, giving the example of a passing ambulance siren. Equation for Doppler Shift and relativistic Doppler shift.

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Monitoring the Earth's surface using GPS (Global Positioning System) technology, providing quantitative data of changes in position and rates of change. Use the GPS (Giant Penguin Slingshot) to launch Kevin the penguin back on to his space ship. More information on GPS including what type of information is transmitted by satellites.

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To find out more, see our Privacy and Cookies policy. Create a circuit by dragging components (battery, bulbs, wires, resistors, voltmeter, ammeter) on to a circuit board. You can use the ammeter and voltmeter to check the current and voltage at different points in your circuit.

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When moving charges spiral in a magnetic field, they produce radiation as a result of their accelerations which is called synchrotron radiation. Blackbody radiation refers to an object or system which absorbs all radiation incident upon it and re-radiates energy which is characteristic of this radiating system. Units of radiation, description of risk of radiation, comparing old and new units with good links to other relevant parts of the site.

1-10 of 11153 results for *

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