Girls in physics videos

Girls are under-represented in physics post-16 across the UK.

In response to the shocking statistics involving girls moving from GCSE to A-level physics; we commissioned 3 video profiles of female physicists making a success out of their lives. 

Masterchef finalist Aki Matshushima is studying for her PhD in cold temperature physics at Imperial College, London and investigating how accurate measurements can be made at the quantum scale. 

She is also a fantastic sushi chef and has developed Japanese themed ice creams for GINO Gelato.

Liv Boeree has always been passionate about astrophysics and gained a First Class Honours degree in Physics from Manchester University. 

She became involved in the poker industry after graduation, making a name for herself by winning the European Poker Tour in 2010 in San Remo. 

Liv's substantial career winnings and work in the television industry prove that a physics degree can be applied in a less orthodox way. 

Julia Huuhtanen was training at the famous Russian Olympic Centre and competing in the World Championships in rhythmic gymnastics. But when pneumonia set back her gymnastics career, she decided to study physics instead - doing her Masters at Royal Holloway, University of London. 

This summer Julia was an intern for the Institute of Physics, playing a vital role in the production of the latest Physics and the UK Economy report.

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