Gravity, Gas and Stardust

Gravity, Gas and Stardust is the Institute of Physics Schools and Colleges Lecture for 2006 and is delivered by Pete Edwards of Durham University. The hour long lecture is aimed at 14-16 year old schoolchildren and is strongly linked to the national curriculum.

Questions about the universe have preoccupied mankind since the beginning of civilisation. The last three years have witnessed considerable progress in our understanding of what makes out universe tick. Recent results from ground and space based telescopes have revolutionised our view of the cosmos. For the first time in human history, we are getting close to answering the question, "How did the universe evolve into the beautiful place we see today?".

You can download each section by clicking on the links below the video. Subtitles are available.

Full lecture


Right click to download part 1 (subtitled) (WMV, 563 MB)

Right click to download part 2 (subtitled) (WMV, 524 MB)

Right click to download part 3 (subtitled) (WMV, 745 MB)

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