Physics in Perspective: 2012 lectures

The 2012 lectures featured talks from Dr Yvette Hancock (University of York) and Martin Surtani (Red Hat Inc.)

Yvette Hancock (University of York) talks nanotechnology at the Royal Institution. She helps us become quantum mechanics ourselves while revealing the theory and technology behind future handheld devices.

Right click to download (WMV, 486 MB)

The Quantum Magic Tricks Q&A session

Right click to download (WMV, 58 MB)

Manik Surtani is a senior software engineer at Red Hat Inc. Involved in the creation of open source technology he is well placed to tell students at the Royal Institution about the social impacts of new technologies. The talk includes cloud computing, smart phones and social networks.

Right click to download (WMV, 233 MB)

Manik Surtani's Q&A session

Right click to download (WMV, 69 MB)

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