Teaching astronomy and space videos

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The resources are built around a series of Teachers TV programmes, aim to support the teaching of astronomy and space to 11-16 year olds.

Produced with generous funding from the Science and Technology Facilities Council, on behalf of the Institute of Physics and Teachers TV, they are now available to watch through a number of websites, including www.schoolsworld.tv/series/teaching-astronomy-and-space.

Within the programmes there are sections to use with students, where astronomers talk about their work in an inspiring and engaging way, as well as guidance and advice on setting up and managing practical activities with students. The activities are supported by full teaching notes. The different sections of the programmes are available to download separately below.

Astronomy and space videos

  1. Watch: Models of the Solar System - Earth, Sun and Moon
    Explore the science behind our solar system, and how astronomers are exploring its boundaries
  2. Watch: Saturn and the Scale of the Solar System or download it here (WMV, 79 MB)
    Includes stunning images of Saturn and its moons taken from the Cassini spacecraft
  3. Watch: Asteroids and Comets or download it here (WMV, 90 MB)
    The risks and dangers of an asteroid collision on Earth
  4. Watch: The Sun or download it here (WMV, 115 MB)
    A solar physicist reveals what she knows about the Sun and the latest solar missions
  5. Watch: The Life Cycle of Stars or download it here (WMV, 78 MB)
    Explains how we believe stars are born, live and die and the different ends to different sized stars
  6. Watch: The Electromagnetic Spectrum or download it here (WMV, 76 MB)
    Explains how astronomers use radiation from across the electromagnetic spectrum to reveal the secrets of our universe
  7. Watch: Exoplanets or download it here (WMV, 62 MB)
    An introduction to SuperWASP, one of the most successful exoplanets finding instruments in the world
  8. Watch: How Big is the Universe? or download it here (WMV, 120 MB)
    Explains how astronomers have learnt to measure the distance to the stars
  9. Watch: The Expanding Universe and the Big Bang or download it here (WMV, 132 MB)
    Evidence for the Big Bang and the expanding universe.

Classroom demonstrations

These videos and their teaching notes, as well as additional teaching resources and web links, are all available on a DVD from the education department. Email education@iop.org to request a copy.

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