Our multimedia section features resources that you may find useful.

These include video interviews with physicists, video demonstrations of physics experiments, and video resources for teachers.

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Physics teacher training
Watch our short film about physics teacher training

Physics in Perspective: 2013 lectures
Video: Dr Andreas Freise talks about finding black holes with lasers

Girls in physics videos
Watch the films that accompanied one of our most viewed reports

IOP Awards for 2012
The IOP Awards videos are now available on and YouTube

Open access videos
Watch the open lecture series

Newton lecture 2012: Martin Rees
Watch: the latest lecture from our Newton Medal winner

Innovation Award winning profiles
Video profiles of businesses that use physics in exceptional ways

Galileo: An educational film
An educational film dramatising the life of Galileo and his scientific discoveries. A useful resource for teachers

Video and audio resources

Video and audio resources from the Institute of Physics

Video and audio resources  

On this day

Major historical events that have occured in physics over the years

On this day 

Other IOP websites

Details of other websites produced by the Institute

Other IOP websites 

Energy harvesting

What is energy harvesting and how can it help us?

Energy harvesting 

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